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Finding “Can Dos” at Every Level

Starting as a school psychologist in the 1970s, Albert H. Brigance noticed that assessment tools tended to focus on students' limitations. He wanted to change the conversation by emphasizing in-depth skill sequences that would reveal what students know and can do, and provide easily shareable results for families.

From Al’s vision grew our first BRIGANCE product, the Inventory of Basic Skills, and from there, BRIGANCE evolved into an industry-leading publisher of screeners, assessment tools, and instructional materials for Early Childhood and Special Education professionals


Are your children ready for kindergarten? These developmental screening and assessment inventories, plus correlated lesson ideas, will help you see what they know so you can plan where to go.


These assessment inventories support exceptional students at every level and aid educators with pinpointing students' strengths, interests, and needs and writing IEPs.

Brigance Early childhood Vs Special Education

The main difference between Brigance Special Education and the Brigance early childhood screening and assessment inventories lies in their focus and methods.


Brigance Special Education covers a wide range of skills and behaviors across developmental, academic, and transitional domains, providing assessment inventories and instructional materials. On the other hand,


the Brigance early childhood screening and assessment inventories use observation, interviews, and child performance to accurately identify and assess a child's development in key areas related to school or kindergarten readiness.

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