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Brief History

F & J DE JESUS, INCORPORATED started as a small business enterprise under the name F & J de
Jesus Enterprises. Established in 1980 by an enterprising young couple, Fidel and Jovita de Jesus, this company primarily engaged in the marketing of children’s books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other general reference materials. The company grew and essentially maintained its reputation as one of the top ten distributors of Grolier International Inc. and a number of local publishers.

In 19 April 1990, as part of the company’s expansion program, a change of name to F & J DE JESUS, INCORPORATED took place, maintaining its philosophy of QUALITY SERVICE TO ITS CLIENTELE.

Sales & Marketing Units
  • School, Library, Trade

In 1992, F & J established a department that caters to the library needs of K - 12, colleges, universities, and academic libraries. At present, more than thirty professional Educational Consultants (EdCons) are in charge of NCR and all the provinces in Luzon, around ten EdCons are in placed for Visayas, and a partnership with a local dealer was formed to cater to the Mindanao market. F & J reaches its core clientele (e.g. schools, colleges, and university libraries, for both private and public) by carrying both print and non-print materials in all disciplines.

  • Exhibits and Fairs

F & J reaches a wider range of clientele through participation in various exhibits and fairs, sponsored by both private and public groups, as well as all major library organizations in the different regions. The annual leading fairs that the company takes part in, are the following:

  • Manila International Book Fair (MIBF)

  • ALBASA, Inc.

  • Philippine Academic Book Fair

  • EduTech Philippines

  • Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP)

  • Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC)

  • Wholesale

The company also reaches the book selling trade through wholesalers whose targets are specific audiences situated in all major regions of the country. At present, it maintains a considerable number of book dealers, who promote and distribute the company products nationwide.


Thru active involvement in the different educational organizations, the company has widened its number and diversity of clients and has strengthened its competitive position in the industry.


The measure of efforts is found in the acknowledgement of various local library associations in their recognition of the company’s support and contribution to the programs and activities of the library profession.


The recognition received, and continuously receives, increases the company’s motivation to continue supporting the educational programs of the government and to become a powerful tool in the achievement of their goals and objectives for long term success. Proudly, without compromising humility, the company has maintained its good service and cordial relationship with more than three thousand institutional clients and more than thirty thousand individual customers.

Product Classifications (Print & Non-Print)

The company’s products are classified into the following:

  • Infant – Toddler

  • Academic (K to College)

  • Professional (including Post Graduate)

  • Textbook

  • Trade

  • Special and General Reference

  • Educational Program

i-Ready is an ASSESSMENT and LEARNING WEB-BASED SOLUTION for Reading and Mathematics. This easy to use, completely automated program gives students one-on-one attention they need to bridge the learning gaps, as well as accelerate their learning. As specified by The Department of Education’s (DepEd) guidelines on the assessments and rating of learning outcomes under K12 Basic Education Curriculum (DepEd Order No. 73 s2012, Enclosure #3): “Pre-assessment tools are needed in order to find out student’s background knowledge and skills, and misconceptions, if any, that might get in the way of new understandings”.

i-Ready was recently named a winner of Tech & Learning's TCEA 2020 Best of Show Award. The program, which also recently won an Award of Excellence from the same industry-leading publication, was chosen based in part on its uniqueness in the market and its ability to solve
problems in classrooms and schools.


Raz-Plus delivers a combination of teacher-led instruction, independent practice, formative assessment, and detailed reporting to help improve the literacy skills of every student, at every level. With an extensive library of books, resources, and assessments available in printable, projectable, online, and mobile formats, Raz-Plus strengthens the connection between what is being taught and what students are practicing.

RAZ – Plus, a blended learning platform for K–5 reading, was recognized as a finalist in three categories: Language Arts Solution, Literacy/Reading Solution, and e-Learning, Blended, or Flipped Solution, in the recently concluded 2020 EdTech Awards. In 2019 Raz-Plus won the 2019 CODiE Award for the Best Reading/Writing/Literature Instructional Solution for Grades PreK–8. CODiE Award recipients are recognized as the most innovative companies producing effective education technology products.

Science A-Z integrates Science and literacy into one captivating curriculum with a wealth of multi-level resources that teach students key science concepts and provide hands-on learning experiences. The product offers comprehensive units in Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Physical Science, and Process Science. In addition to a vast collection of multi-level science content, Science A-Z also provides a number of engaging experiments and activities designed to put science and engineering into practice and expand learning opportunities.

Science A-Z was the Science Solution category winner, and it was a finalist in the STEM Solution category in the 2020 recently concluded EdTech Awards.

Strategic Steps to Reading Success

The company takes pride in carrying exclusively the most effective and excellent READING COMPREHENSION INSTRUCTIONAL SERIES called STRATEGIC STEPS TO READING SUCCESS (SSRS). This program is aligned with the principles of Understanding by Design (UbD), where a scaffold strategy-based instruction serves as its organizational framework, while metacognitive strategies foster student self-monitoring and self-assessment. It encourages ‘think aloud’ and it promotes active interaction between the teacher and his/her students. Unlike other programs available in the market, SSRS tackles the twelve reading skills, where the student will have the opportunity to strengthen a particular skill he is weak at. This series uses *answer analysis for students, *cooperative learning, *differentiated instruction, *direct instruction, and *ELL accommodations.

Strategic Steps to Math Success

To support analytical and encourage higher order of thinking, as well as to provide opportunity for self-assessment (metacognition), F & J has acquired STRATEGIC STEPS TO MATH SUCCESS (SSMS), a math program that assesses the twelve math skills, which offers a balance between computational fluency and conceptual understanding. Like SSRS, SSMS is designed in accordance with the principles of UbD. Not one solution is dictated, but rather a student is encouraged to comprehend the problem on hand and decide for himself how best to tackle it. Other components of the instruction portion of this program are *error analysis, *math & controlled vocabularies, *meaningful practice, *multiple representations, and *procedural knowledge.

In accurately identifying AT RISK or EXCEPTIONAL children, a product called BRIGANCE Early Childhood System & Special Education Series came on board. This series promotes implementation of K12 education program with the vital tools to assess effectiveness. It is fundamental in identifying children with learning delays, disabilities or on the opposite spectrum – giftedness. It likewise initiates referrals for in-depth assessment for special services, as well as measures and reports individual child’s program progress with guided individualized instruction. Domain addressed in this series are *language development, *literacy, *mathematics and science, *social and emotional development, *approaches to learning. Additional for the Special Education System are *physical development (perambulatory, gross, & fine motor skills), and *daily living.

To move forward and reach new heights in its field of endeavor, the company has maintained tie-ups with several huge authoritative publishers in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada and India. Exclusive distributorship agreements on titles with Curriculum Associates and Learning A-Z were likewise acquired.

Aware of the changes ahead in the field of education, the company infused into the system a diversified mode of product selection to complement the library needs, both primary and supplementary reading materials, of the educational system.

To satisfy DepEd’s thrust of acquiring Filipiniana / locally printed books, F & J retains its tie-ups
with all the university presses in the Philippines.

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