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Get the Data You Need to Drive Instruction and Measure Progress

Comprehensive Assessment of Mathematics Strategies (CAMS) gives you the information you need to target instruction and measure progress in topics that align to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Focal Points and Connections.

  • Pretest, Benchmark, and Post Test all in one book.

  • Self-assessments encourage goal setting, reflection, and student accountability.

  • Easy to administer and score.

CAMS helps you diagnose students' difficulties in the key standards-based skills. Use the CAMS pretest to determine which STAMS® lessons are most appropriate for a particular student.

Get to Know CAMS

CAMS assesses mastery of key foundational math skills and concepts with a balance between computational fluency and conceptual understanding. Topics include: Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimals, Ratios, Proportional Relationships, Statistics and Probability, Expressions, Equations, Plane Geometry, Linear Measurement, Area, Surface Area, Volume, and Graphs.

Student Book


The CAMS Student Books, available in Levels A–H (Grades 1–8), help you diagnose students' difficulties in the key standards-based skills. Each Student Book includes a Pretest, a Post Test, four Benchmark tests, and three self-assessment forms.

Download a free sample lesson:


GRADE 1  |  GRADE 4  |  GRADE 8

Teacher Guide


Each Teacher Guide includes tracking forms and student self-assessment reproducibles, making it easy to assess and track performance. 

Download a free sample lesson:

GRADE 1​  |  GRADE 4​  |  GRADE 8

Proven to Work

The Educational Research Institute of America completed a study of the instructional effectiveness of CAMS & STAMS


Nationally Recognized

The CAMS and STAMS series were both named 2011 AEP (Association of Educational Publishers) Distinguished Achievement Award Finalists.

Cams Series

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