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Outcome-Based Education Interactive Courses (300+), e-Books & Resources (100+) for Junior HS, Senior HS and Tertiary Levels.


  • Smart Library platform is designed to work ONLINE

  • Any number of users within the campus

  • Thousands of exclusive offline Resources & Educational Courses

  • New resources and courses added yearly

  • Has Built-in Learning Management System

  • Ultimate tool for classroom teaching and libraries

Courses Features:

  • Useful tool for teachers using digital resources in the classroom

  • Interactive e-Lectures are presented in an expressive,

        informational, entertaining and persuasive way. The

        user-friendly interface makes it easy to learn and understand

        each topic in detail

  • Video Lecture (about up to 8 hours per course) which explains

        each topic in detail with examples, animations, images and text

  • Interactive Courses & Assessments offers rich learning experience

Resources Features:

  • Access and read Resources on the platform anytime and

  • Included Articles, Videos (up to 4 hours of content per

        resource), Activities and much more

  • Searches, Prints and More!

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Gale e-Books

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